Monday, October 14, 2013

Miracles Really Happen

Man this week was awesome, we baptized Baltazár. He gave us a few more details on the story that he told. He said that he didn´t go to any church for like 6 years and that he didn´t accept visits from anyone, not even his friends from the chuch. But, he was missing something, he said. So he prayed that God would show the way for him, show him were he should go. Three days later we showed up at the door looking for someone else. We talked to him a little and invited him to come to church and he promissed that he would be there, (Let me just say that no one ever says that down here). He got baptized it is crazy how things work. Just goes to show that really the Lord is behind His work and that there are people who are looking and praying that we show up at there door. I learned a lot this week. from that.

We´ve also taught this one lady, who is really catholic, but her boyfriend is part of the church, and this Sunday she told us that she´s thinking about being baptized. So really, it was just a test of patience for us. We´ve had a few tough weeks, but the Lord is blessing us now.

I hope that all of you are happy and that school is going well for all. Love you to death and miss you to death too! Have a sweet week and I´ll talk to you next Wednesday (Transfer is coming up).

The school that we use for church on Sunday
Baptism Baltizar

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