Monday, February 10, 2014


<Happy Birthday Picture>
That is almost what I wanted to say...they didn´t have any cards that sad happy Dad sent me the next best thing. The big 47...I remember the big 46...and it feels like it was yesterday. I remember jess sent me an email with a pic of momma all glammed up to go out to dinner or something. Weird how I can remember that so easily. Time passes by quick, for number 48 I´ll be home and married...maybe I´ll just be home.

I´m glad that everyone is doing well. I forgot about the Olympics until we went to a member´s house and he was watching was figure skating so I didn´t get to hyped up, but it was still pretty cool.

Well let´s just say that this week went by pretty fast. I think that this meeting made things go a lot faster for me. But twas a really good week. We were going to have a baptism this sunday of a little girl who we were teaching and taking to church, but her step mom told her that she was going to be that sucked. It is kind of work to help a little kid grow up in the church and then that happens. But, I know that one day she is going to accept it, when she isn´t so influenced by people.

We also started our english course this was a little interesting. So we had it all planned out, and me and elder sabin were going to sing the Scientist. So  our plans were ruined by the fact that everything went wrong (We didn´t have copies of the test for the people to take and our slide show didn´t work out and there were like 100 people there waiting). So to make the long story short, we sang our song, then, I messed around on the piano for 10 minutes, and then I tried to play Halleilujah, for another elder to sing...let´s just say,that I gotta practice a little bit more on the Halleilujah song. We crashed and burned. But it was alright, the people said that they liked it. Hahahaha wow, I must say that I´m learning to be a little bit more chill when it comes to winging it in the front of a 100 people.

But we also are having a lot of success with our investigators. We had this girl named Eloiza, who lives in a town about 5 or 6 miles away. So we invited her to come to church after the english course and she said that she would be there. So we get to church yesterday and there she was waiting for us. She said that she got up at 6 and had to hitchhike to town just to get here. Then she told us that she wouldn´t be able to go back until 8:40 at night, and she came here just to come to church. Man it was pretty awesome to see someone so dedicated. We taught her after church and she loved it. We are going to talk to her after school and invite her to be baptized. She is awesome. Also Jean is quitting smoking, which is cool, they didn´t go to church so that was kind of a bummer. Carla, also went to church, this girl that we are teaching. She already has an answer about the book of mormon and she is praying about being baptized this pray that she gets an answer for me, because I´m praying like crazy. All in all, I´m doing great, I´m loving the mission and I´m happy to be here. Love and miss you all and hope that you have a great week. I hope that you enjoyed the email...I tried to put a little more time into it to keep you up to date on my life...hahahah.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Dear Diary….

This week was a little bit on the tough side. We went and did some splits with another district to try and help them out a little bit. We were there for two days in Cajazeiras, and lets just say that it is hot there too. It went well there and we helped the elders get a little bit more excited about the work. They are pretty happy now and had two baptisms this Sunday.

This week was a blur and that about sums it up. We worked really hard to have a baptism and nothing seemed to work out. But I´m learning that you can´t let it get you down. you gotta keep on working and keep on smiling. Life isn´t always going to be easy, but it sure is worth living. I´m loving Sousa and I´ll do better with I got to talk to a lot of people on P-day. Sorry, but I love you all and hope that you have a great week.