Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Transferred to Natal

Well as many of you predicted, this week I was transferred. I must say that it was pretty hard to leave all of the people that I met and head to a new place...kind of felt like I was leaving on the mission again. But I got transfered to Natal, which is the Capital of Rio Grande do Norte. My new comp is Elder Wanderson, and he seems like he is a pretty cool guy. He's from Sao Paulo and likes to keep things clean...I think we will get along just fine.

I'm going to call home 5 o'clock here, so that is 2 o'clock, back home. Looking forward to see you all and now how things are going for you.

Sounds like Whitney and Corey are doing well. I thought that Corey's stories were pretty cool and funny. I must say that you find some strange people in the streets sometimes, quite strange indeed, but it just makes it all worth while when you can tell about that one time that some drunk guy kissed your hand...or maybe it just brings back very awkward feelings.

Anyway, I don't have a lot to say about my investigators because I'm going to met with them tonight. I bet they're awesome, I have yet to met an investigator that I don't like. 

Also! I got my package, and I ate a lot of the food, unfortunately I didn't have time to enjoy all of it and had to leave some with the other Elders. I think that they were okay with that.

But all in all I'm doing great. Have a great 4 days and I will talk to you then.

Love you all.

Elder Bowman

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