Monday, May 20, 2013

I'm Singing in the Rain......Part II

Well as you can probably guess, I got to sing in the rain again this week. Really, I got to sing almost everyday, but as the days wore on my singing became more of a kind of grumbling mixed with music. It was strange. But, right now it is sunny, which is good , I need to dry out a little ( I remember that "to dry out" is slang in english, but I forgot what it means...) But, yeah, my wife is getting more beautiful with every rain storm, so I guess I can take a little more. (mission rule: the more rain you take, the more beautiful you wife becomes...shallow, but it makes you happy).

But this week, we did a lot of contacts in the street because we are trying to find some people to teach because our teaching pool is a little sparse. So we have been trying to find some good investigators who are searching for the gospel, and we've found some good people. This guy named Jose Roberto seems like he just wants to learn more, which is awesome because we want to teach more. We taught him the first lesson and he accepted the baptisimal invitation, which is always awesome. But, we are going to keep working to find some more awesome people like Jose. 

Funny story: So this week I recieved a little correction in the fine language of Portuguese. I had learned some slang in Mossoro, that which I continued to use here in Natal. I had developed the habit of saying putz (poots) whenever something went wrong. Well, I was saying this a lot, we are talking in the streets with a lot of people around, a lot. So Elder Wanderson informed me that this is not an appropriate thing to be saying. He told me basically that I was saying SOB when I was saying this. All I have to say is I am not responsible for my actions in the Portuguese Language, thank you. But we told a member this story and he flipped out a little, which was pretty funny. But hey, I'm learning here, cut me some slack and don't let me go around cursing like a drunk sailor next time.

But yeah that was my week. This Sunday we are going to have stake conference, which will be awesome. President Hall is going to come and speak, so it is definately going to be a good day.

But I love you all and miss you, hope things are going well and that you have a good week this week.

Peace and Blessings
Elder Bowman

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