Monday, June 3, 2013

You Get What You Ask For, Just Not Always in the Way You Expected

Yeah, so this week I was really tired, and I was like I just want to sleep. Well I got to sleep a lot because I got flippin' blasted to the core with sickness. I think that I got the worst case of Diarrhea that I have ever experienced this side of the Mississippi. We are talking that I basically wasting good food because I was eating it and it was passing right into the toilet basically.

But Saturday, was the worst day. We went to lunch to eat, or rather for Elder Wanderson to eat. So we get there and the Sister made this really nice lunch for us with chicken, salad, rice and beans, the works. I, being sick as a hippo, just drank a little passion fruit juice, and then it all began. I started to get really sick, so I put my head down, then the sister came out and started talking to me about how I was feeling and stuff and I just told her "muito mau" which is terrible. She keeps talking about going to the hospital, and I was just sitting and all of the sudden I was like, "Irma Eu vou vomitar," and I did. I puked up my nice passion fruit juice. But after that we called Sister Hall, she told me to buy meds, and then I slept the rest of the day. So I got to sleep, but man I had to go through heck to get there. I don't think that I'm going to ask for more time to sleep next time, P-day is good enough for me.

However, today, I'm good. We're going to go to the chapel to play some ping-pong and relax a little, which will be good. Maybe I'll buy some food, and eat some too.

The work here is getting a bit on the tough side. Everyone that was progressing decided that they didn't want to continue. It is tough sometimes to be a missionary because you know how this gospel can change their lives, but they have to make the choice to accept it. I wish I could go into the future and show them how happy they would be if they would change their lives and how many blessings they would have. But, I can't, so I guess I just need to help them the best I can and they need to do the rest. Who knows, maybe one day one of them will get baptized.

But, we are teaching this guy named Diogo (Like Diego but with an o), he pretty much asked if he could get baptized in church and we told him that as missionaries that is what we do. So, hopefully, soon he will get baptized. But, that was this week, it went by pretty fast. Hope that all is going well and that everyone is happy.

Love you all!
Elder Bowman

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