Monday, September 2, 2013

Feeling Old Now....

Well, officialy Whitney is home, and is in my old stomping grounds of Provo. She´ll dig it just as I digged it. BYU is pretty rad if I do say so myself. But I´m glad that everyone is doing well, and I´m sure that everyone gave Whitney a hug or two for me, so I´m satisfied. Now Lefler is in the MTC too...I feel like mom and dad right now, ´´wow, wait wasn´t it like yesterday that I was....´´ It´s weird. The one year mark is coming up, and it is starting to wig me a out a little bit because I´m seeing that time in the field actually passes, and boy does it pass fast. I´m all good now, just had to get those weird feelings out of my system.

But this week went really well, we didn´t have a baptism, but we´re going to have it this week. The girl (Ana Clara) wasn´t feeling ready and we tried pressure her a little bit and she was like, ´´No, I don´t want to this sunday´´ So I was like, ´´Sweet, then next sunday.´´ and she was like, ´´Okay.´´ Yep so we are going to baptize her this sunday...maybe Saturday.

Hey, but I´m glad that you got to talk to Lefler one last time before he left for the field. And thanks for giving him a room for when he comes back, I´m glad that you all are watching out for him for me. He´ll own it in Ukraine.

But this week is looking good. I was pretty bummed when some of our baptisms fell, but then found a whole bunch of families who are awesome. I hope that all goes well this week with them.

But, keep your head above the water, and I´ll try to do the same thing. Keep me posted, Love you all!!!!!

Elder Bowman

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