Monday, September 30, 2013

Wow, that was totally inappropri​ate.

Well this week went okay. We had a bunch of people lined up to go to church, but the majority didn´t go. I got a little frustrated, and was a little bummed the rest of the day. But, I´m good now, ready to go to work. The thing that we should remember is that we are helping people change their lives, and change is never an easy thing. But we have the Lord on our side, and that is where we can find our strength. The other companionship in the ward baptized yesterday, and I was pumped for them. They are a great example to me of how to work. I´ve been trying to follow in their footsteps a little and I´m seeing the changes happen.

But yeah so I´m sure you are all wondering about the title of the email. So Elder Oliver and I were sitting outside of our house waiting for the other companionship to get home (We don´t have keys to our´s complicated). But this lady walks up to us and asks us about the church...and to put it nicely she is a little crazy, but to put it truthfully she talks to herself in the street. We are talking she has conversations with no one. So anyway, I tell her she should go to church and she said no. She then goes to the other part of the road and asks if we can break the law of chastity...but she doesn´t say it exactly like that. I just sat there dumbfounded and Elder Oliver just starts laughing. I must say I must say I almost died of embarrassment, there were a lot of people in the street...but we told her we don´t roll like that so I think it is all cleared up now.

But, I was digging the pictures of you all, I showed them to the other Elders and they said that I have a crazy family...and I agree, my family is crazy good. This week is going to be a good one, I´m feeling it. I hope that you all enjoy conference weekend. Love you all more than Honey Bunches of Oats (and that is saying a lot if I do say so). I´m praying for you all.

Elder Bowman

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