Monday, November 4, 2013

Real Men Cry!

So this week was the week that I cried like a baby in Sacrament meeting. But, I´m going to tell you why.

So this lady, her name is Eliane, had surgery on her back and she is having a lot of difficulties and a lot of pain. She is like a mom for the missionaries and is super sweet. So we went to visit her and she was laying down and said that she is having a lot of pain and is trying to re-learn how to walk. So this Sunday, lo and behold she was there for testimony meeting. She had to have two people help her walk up to the front and when she got up there I don´t really know what happened but I started bawling like Ashley when she watches Pride and Prejudice. She just made me remember the sacrifice of Chris how she didn´t have to be there but she did it. Just like how He didn´t have to suffer, but he did it because He knew it was right. I was going to try to bear my testimony too about the Savior, but I like to keep my image as a strong tough missionary. I can´t have all the Young women and Young men messing with me. But yeah, It was a flippin´awesome sacrament meeting.

Also, we are working with these two girls who want to get baptized. One is lana, (the girl who prayed and is going to get baptized on the 9th). She is super awesome and ready to be baptized, the only problem is that her grandma doesn´t like the church. The grandma even asked the members of the church to pray that Lana wouldn´t get baptized...yeah. But, Lana is going to talk to her and tell her why she wants to get baptized and bear her testimony about the BOM. She knows that it is true.

But the other girl´s name is Katia (Cot-chee-a not cat-ee-a, just to help dad say the names in portuguese) But she was a reference from a member and we went there and were teaching the first lesson and I was talking about Joseph Smith and I was like " So have you ever prayed to God to know which church to join"? and usually people are like "Nope, but that is a great idea." But Katia was like, "Yeah, I have." I was like, "Oh we go." So I asked "Did you get an answer"? and she was like yeah. I think that is when I began to sweat and pray at the same time. I then asked "Well...what was your answer"? and she was like, "I want to be a member of this church." Needless to say I about flipped out because it was so awesome. She is reading and praying and going to church, just proves that there are people out there waiting to hear the message and accept.

But, next week I´ll be sending the pics of the baptisms, and some pics with all the goodies that you sent me! Hope all is well in the winter wonderland. Drink some coco for me!


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