Monday, November 18, 2013

SUPRISE!!!! You just got transfered

Well yesterday at 9:20 I was there planning. And then all of the sudden the DL called and said that I was going to be transfered. Not being the first time that they have tried to pull something on me like this I was like "Yeah, you guys are fat." Then the assitent called me and told me that I was being transfered...I didn´t call him fat, I went and packed.

So now I´m in Assú...which is part of the zone Mossoró. Man I forgot how hot it is here. But, I´m here because the Lord needs me to be here. I´m a little whooped with all the traveling, but we have some good work to do here, so I´m stoked.

We did baptize Kátia this week, it was pretty rad. I´m going to send the pictures here in  a bit so that you can all enjoy them. I´m a little sad that I didn´t get to stay in my other area, I was starting to really get into the swing of thing. But as I say, "it is what it is."

It is crazy that Thanksgiving is aleady upon us...I remember the last one you went to Black Thursday and didn´t like it...weird how I remember that. But I´m sure that this Thanksgiving is going to be awesome, next one I´ll be there, wow.

But as I was transfered I didn´t have today to go get my I´m going to wait until december...I can do it hahahaha. I love you all and know that I´m doing great...a little tired, but I´m good. Have a stellerific week.

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