Monday, November 25, 2013

Back to Natal we go....

 Well this week I went back to Natal to renew my visa and stuff....I was there a week ago. But, it is all good because now I get to stay in the mission. But, I don´t like busses that much.

In other news, my ward has about 45 people that are going. It is a little on the low side for a ward, but we are going to change that. It is hotter than hades here, but the people are really open and like us a lot. Our apartment is almost in the center of the city and we work the north part of town. It is a good area and there are a lot of people who are willing to listen to us.

 I´m hoping that we get this area rolling and that we can help in every possible way. Keep praying for me...because I´m going to be needing it. Love you and and happy THANKSgiving. Take some pictures for me!!!!

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