Wednesday, June 19, 2013

You Get Poridge

This week we had a baptism. His name is Ryan and I will send you all some pics, But, also the work is starting to progress a little more. We had a meeting with the ward council and asked for their help. They seemed a little apprehensive, but willing to go to town, so I think that we will go to town and baptize some people there, and help the ward grow.
But we are teaching this lady named Francisca and she is just a sweet lady. Yesterday we taught here the first lesson and she was accepting everything. So we invited her to be baptized and she accepted! I was pretty stoked, and then we were wrapping up and she asked me to give the closing prayer. I gave it, and when we said amen, she was crying. She talked about how she really needed to here the gospel and said that she has been really struggling. Man, I was thinking about it this week and I think that sometimes we forget that this gospel can change the whole outlook of people's lives. It gives direction, guidance, and hope to those who are searching for something more. Sometimes as missionaries we get into the routine of  spreading the gospel, we begin to think that our message is ordinary. I got a little reminder this week that the gospel is far from something that is ordinary. It is something that will change our lives and the lives of God's children. But it was an awesome missionary moment for me.
But I hope that all of you have a great week, I'm going to email on Monday, so I that will be normal. I'll be twenty, which is a little on the weird
Love you all
Elder Bowman

1"You get poridge! and he's happy to see you"

2 Don't leave the window open during a rain storm...

.Ryan before he got baptized

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