Monday, June 10, 2013

Let´s Get Ready to RUMBLEEEEE​!!!!!

Wow this week was pretty awesome. There is like some crazy kind of energy that comes when everyone gets excited about sharing the gospel. I don´t know what is going on down here, but I must say, I´m digging it.

But this week, we took this guy named Patrick to church. He is from Switzerland and has lived in Brazil for seven years. We´re going to swing by and talk to him soon, and see if he has any questions about anything that was taught. He´s pretty much a stud, and speaks Portuguese like a Brazilian.

But funny story this week: So with our new goal of talking to everyone we can, I went over and was talking with some drunk guy on the corner of the street one day. He wasn´t terribly drunk so I went ahead and started talking to him about the gospel. In the middle of the discusion he said. Open to Mathew 15:16. So, I did, and basically it said, how is it that you aren´t understanding still. I almost busted up laughing because it was so ironinc that he randomly decided to open to that scripture. Irony or it was God trying to talk with him. I think that I´ll go with the latter. But we invited him to go to church and....he didn´t show up. But, who knows, one day maybe he will.

Sounds like everything is going well at home. The shack is crazy as usual and you all are being my awesome family. Keep it up. Love you all and hope that you enjoy a shavice for me.

Elder Bowman

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