Monday, July 22, 2013

The Cure for Skin Cancer Has Been Found!

Yeah! I can磘 believe that I was the first person to talk to the guy who found the cure. We were walking down the street and this guy calls us over and tells us that he found the cure and wrote a paper and everything. He said that all you need is blood from the pubic region of the body.................and that is where I thought, 创oh that is weird and it also sounds a little on the painful side.创 I didn磘 want to destroy his theory by telling him that our blood curculates, so our blood is the same no matter where it comes from. But...yeah just letting you know that there are some crazy people down here, it磗 pretty awesome.

Also, a member showed us this video of some lady trying to expulse satan out of a drunk dude. It wasn磘 like exorcism of anything just some lady saying fall to the earth Satan, a lot of times and beating the drunk dude with an umbrella. So Elder Wanderson and I were talking and laughing about this on a street with nobody on it. And so I start saying/yelling 创 Fall to the earth Satan,创 I then had that feeling that I was being watched. I look over and these two ladies are watching me. I felt quite sheepish and walked away without saying another word.

But this week went well. We walked a lot and talked to a ton of people, but no one wanted to got to church. It磗 all good. We磍l find the people who are looking for the gospel, of that I磎 sure, even if we have to talk to all of Planalto. Hope all is going well for you guys and that the sun is shining as brilliant as it is here.

Love you all
Elder Bowman

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