Monday, July 8, 2013

The Times of Noah (we're talking rain not wickedness​)

Well this week I think that I saw the sun twice, and it was only for like an hour on Monday and about thirty minutes on Saturday. Other than that it was raining. I've already put a little money down on buying a boat just to be safe.

But this week went by pretty fast. We got to talk to our new Mission President this week, so that was pretty awesome. He seems like a great President, so that is definately a good thing. He's got a great vision, basically it is bring as many people to church as you can and then baptize them like nobody's business. I like it. Simple, and to the point.

But we are working with this lady named Francisca. She's pretty much a baptizm waiting to happen, she just needs to see that she is ready. So this week we are going to help here with that. Also, we are working with this girl named Larisableli, yeah I thought the same thing when she told me it. But she's dating this guy in the church so hopefully we can get her to the font this next week too.

But we are starting a new thing where we have to do 20 street contacts everyday. This is really going to help out our teaching pool for sure and it is going to help us find the people who are searching for the gospel.

Funny Stories:
So this week Elder Wanderson was a little sick with a cold and, he likes to play things up a little bit sometimes. So basically everytime that he talked to a member or someone in the street he would make his voice sound like he was dying. So we were at lunch and I was praying for pacience because he was acting like he was going to the grave in an hour. So I was like Heavenly Father if he is faking could you just smake him around a little bit to make him stop? Like thirty seconds later Elder Wanderson got the hiccups...and we are talking they lasted basically the whole day. I guess he was faking.

Also I bought some cereal and milk this week because I like to eat and stuff. So were at home for lunch and I got my freshly bought milk and cereal and poured myself a bowl for chocolate flakes. I began to eat and realized that something was strange, the flavor wasn't really chocolaty it was more like sweaty socks. But, I thought it was just the cereal and ate the whole bowl. That night I pull out my milk to take a swig and let's just say that I don't think it was still milk. I ate an entire bowl of cereal with sour milk...I won't be doing that again.

Have a great week this week and enjoy the summer sun.
Love you all
Elder Bowman

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