Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Saddle Up Partner...​Cuz We´re Going For a Ride

Well...I forgot to inform you all that I was going to be transfered this week so...I was transfered. I´m opening up an area, and I´m training my son, Elder Olivera. I must say that I´m scared to death, but lets go. I´m still in Natal, just a different part, so that is cool. We live in a house with 6 missionaries and all of us seniors are training, which is pretty cool. Hopefully, all goes well.

But other than that, life is the same, running from drunk guys and preaching the good word. This week I got scared half to death. This drunk guy, (possibly stoned) was walking toward me, and he had the face of that guy from the shining. My heart jumped into my mouth, and I thought to myself, (I´m not exagerating) ´´that man looks like he is possesed.´´ He continued to advance towards me, and I thought, ´´I am going to be murdered in the street.´´ When all hope had failed I chose my last words, which were the following ´´hey dude, what´s up´´? He then passed and said something that I didn´t understand, and I was spared my life. But I learned something important. I need to think about what I would say if I was going to die because Hey dude what´s up doesn´t really make the cut.

But, I´m all good, we got to eat in the house of President Soares last night, and see the beach, so I´m happy. Hope all is going well up there and that everyone is happy. Have a great week, and next week email will be on Monday.

Love Elder Bowman

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