Wednesday, December 4, 2013

There is Sunshine in My Face Today!!!!!!

Well family I hope that everyone had a great thanksgiving!!! It looked liked it was quite the party with pies and plenty of good times. I forgot that it was Thanksgiving on Thursday and I was walking in the street about five o´clock and I was like, " is thanksgiving" I told Elder De Paula and he was like " What the flip is THanksgiving." I just want you to know that I´m thankful for all of you.

But this week went well. The area is starting to move a little. I´m getting used to the people and the heat...kind of. But we have a good teaching group and I´m excited to see how this month goes. I think that we are going to have a lot of success here.

Funny story this week: So sunday, we had to go to a meeting in the ward but I left my paper at home. So I head back home to grab the paper and the door is I think to myself..." I can get through the window." So I hop up there to slid on through and I realize that it is hard to slid through the windo when you have all your weight on your leg. So I started yelling for Elder Fernandes to help me and he just sat there and laughed. But, eventually he helped me out and I learned my lesson with a bruised leg.

I hope that everyone is happy and that all is well. Thanks for all the prayers that you are saying for me and for all your love. I´m glad that I have you for my family. Love you and have a good week.

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