Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Time!!!!

Well this week was pretty nuts. We went to the Christmas conference and I must say that I learned a lot about how to be a better missionary. We talke about how we need to sacrifice, but in the right way. I liked it a lot because sometimes we think that we are doing a lot without doing anything, we need to really look deep down and see what we need to give. The food was also a nice little plus.
We had a baptism this week!!!! Which was quite the miracle seeing as how I got sick and stayed in the house for two days...yeah I didn´t like it that much. But, the Lord blessed us with His help and everything went smoothly. It is sooooo nice to baptize has been a while. We are going to work hard now to baptize every week, our mission president is telling us to go and get em so yeah...we are going for it.
I´m really excited to talk to you all!!!!! Ash and Lyle are going to have to be there in spirit, but I know that they are all happy and stuff so that makes me happy. It has been a long 7 months without calling home....missing your smiling faces. I think that you are all going to have to help me with English because man it is getting pretty rough down here with only Portuguese every day...hahaha but it should be fun.
Funny Story this week: So Elder Fernandes and I were walking down the street I was in the zone where I was there, but my mind was totally wasted. So he decided to be a funny guy and pull a little joke. So he looks behind with a very serious face and starts to say something. In my mind I thought...we are going to be robbed. Never in my life have I reacted so quickly I began to run at the speed of sound down the street, to look back and see that he was dying of laughter...yeah I smacked him and told him he was dumb...but I laughed pretty hard too.

But Merry Christmas, I love and miss you all and hope that you are all stoked and excited because I sure am. Luvs

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