Monday, December 9, 2013

Well the Power Went Out....

Hey family sorry about just leaving in the middle of the email, but the power went out and that kind of ended email time. But, yeah as I was saying this week was a little on the rough side. We didn´t have anyone come to church, which is always kind of a let down. You work the whole week and then it means nothing in the end. Oh well what can you do? Just keep on doing your best and that is it. We´re going to work on helping people see why we are there, not just to be friends, but also to help them be baptized. I think that it is going to work.
I´m really excited for Christmas and I hope that you are all also. I was thinking about it for the first time the true meaning of Christmas. You think about these types of things when you don´t have your family close during the holidays. But it hit me that really christmas is about Christ, really without him we wouldn´t have anything to be happy for. But because of him and his life we are able to be happy and have our family forever. I´m grateful for all of you and love and miss you. Keep praying for me because I need it a lot.
Love you all,


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