Thursday, January 16, 2014

Welcome to Souza!

Well I don´t know if you were knowing, but I was transfered to the city of Souza. I must say that it is a pretty cool city and I ´ve heard that there is like dinosaur stuff here....that should be cool to see one day. But yesterday I didn´t email because I traveled all day. I got here in Souza at 9 o´clock at night...yep it was a long day. But my new companion is Elder Sabin. He is from Washington and  he is a stud. I´ll send the pics of the apartment that I´m living in...I must say that it is sweet.

But I was a little sad to leave Assú, we had some awesome people that we were going to baptize this week and now I won´t be there to see. It is tough to leave an area that you love, you feel like you are leaving home all over again. But they are going to send me the pics, so I can´t cry about it too much. But I´m doing a lot better...I lost some weight because I was sick, but I´m going to get it back. Elder sabin is ripped and a giant, so he will help me get ripped too. But I hope that everything is good, and that everyone is happy!!!!!! I love you all and I will tell you about what went down next week. I don´t have a lot of time. LUVS

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